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Start of fenhe river basin ecological restoration engineering in pingyao county

Date: 2015-12-29

On October 12, news on October 8th, fenhe river basin ecological restoration engineering in pingyao county Du Guzhuang township south LiangZhuang village construction, marks the fifth mass in shanxi fenhe governance work full swing.
Fen river is the second largest tributary of the Yellow River, from north to south throughout the taiyuan, linfen two basins, is in Shanxi Province people's mother river.In recent years, the fen river basin ecological problem is becoming more and more sharp, underground water level decline year by year, continuously reduce surface runoff, water area serious atrophy;Vegetation to reduce degradation, soil erosion is aggravating, river pollution has not been effective cure.To fundamentally solve the problem of fenhe river basin ecological, launched in July this year in our province the fenhe river ecological restoration planning outline, decided in accordance with the "save the water, built large canals, cherish with sufficient water, repair water ecology, to ensure water security" of water conservancy strategy, adopt scientific configuration of soil and water resources, the implementation of the "five water discharging Fen", make full use of flood resources, strict control groundwater exploitation, create heyuan fountain reserves, strengthen water pollution prevention and control measures, such as full implementation of fenhe river basin ecological restoration project.Overall governance goal is multiple investment 130 billion yuan, after five years of construction, 10 years of natural repair, make the fenhe river basin groundwater reserves and vegetation area increase, effective recovery of ground water level, water loss and soil erosion and water pollution problems get effective governance, repeat of fenhe river river scenery, SanJin the earth of the fenhe river basin into ecological corridor, livable promenade and enriching the promenade.
According to understand, on the same day, in addition to the fenhe pingyao section of the river channel regulation project, the province and five engineering construction along the river, and early construction of other projects, the fenhe river basin ecological restoration for 30 projects into the implementation stage.(yong-hong ma)