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Pingyao "3 + 1" mode to masses relationship more harmonious

Date: 2015-12-29

Rural cadres responsibilities clearly the people handle affairs easily
How "six fundamental" to the countryside?On November 23, the reporter found during an interview in pingyao county, the county township BuYi explore the implementation of the "3 + 1" village power operation mode, the village collective and the village two committees cadres to further standardize the authority, responsibility, service, edging out the moisture and elasticity of power from the system, implement the power to the people, make rural cadre power to serve the people better.
"3 + 1" village power operation mode of "3", is the preparation of authority, responsibility, service "three list".The list of functions and powers, namely, according to the major issues of the village, joint venture management, the party village, daily management and so on carries on the sorting, determine the five aspects of 38 village authority list.Responsibility list, that is, on the basis of power list, key consideration in the process of village autonomy supervision and management of the 25 items listed responsibility list.Services listing, that is, matters relating to the services provided in accordance with the village level, optimize service process and improve the efficiency of requirements, time limit, the required information, transaction process, to undertake specific departments such as content, write 27 items service list.
The "+ 1" mode, is according to the different power exercise the body, divided into system assembly, service, and the masses supervision manual supervision defiled.According to the requirements of a power to establish a system of sorting specification of authority running system assembly;Combined with service listing and the daily handling, involving people's livelihood matters, etc., develop the important people's livelihood service supervision and manual, and clearly township, promoter, consulting services to undertake department calls and supervision, establish supervision and coordination mechanism, enhance supervision efficiency;Combination of village villages content code, distributing the masses supervision and defiled card, highlighting matters related to the vital interests of the people's livelihood, village-level public infrastructure construction, etc.
South Shi Qu village in the process of land approval, had the villagers for personal gain, many times to find village cadres to go "back door", village officials flatly rejected.Village officials said: "this busy certainly can't help, land approval work in strict accordance with the listing rules in public, each step is clear, is not which one of us can change."
In the "3 + 1" village power, the operation mode of the process BuYi township will be "all" "stable" to "".All, that is, the village two levels of listing item by item, detailed and specific classification, authority, responsibility, service is not short of not leak;Stability, it is according to the situation of the village, carefully grasp the propulsion phase.At present, the entire town of 28 village has comprehensive pushed steadily;Turn, is a combination of service list and the actual situation of the eps, shift in attitude.
"" 3 + 1" village power mode, make power more specification, democratic, open, honest, thoroughly solved the trouble people handle affairs' who should do, what to do, how long do, truly achieve the 'QuanLiGuan into the system of the cage requirements."Secretary BuYi township ZuoXiaoJun said.
It is understood that the "3 + 1" village power mode, BuYi township cadres at the grass-roots level to deepen the understanding of the party's service for the people, trust and satisfaction of the masses of cadres has improved significantly, and masses relationship more closely, the society more harmonious.
When the village cadres?What can do?What can be done?What must be done?If the past is vague, so today is clear, transparent, be clear at a glance, institutional constraints in you, the masses supervision to you, the superior in assessment of you, you can only conscientious service for the masses.People do, what to do?What can't do?Looking for who?How to do?These are clear, everyone is the same, the thing, what you can do, either to do, don't need to find a relationship TuoMenZi.Plainly cadres, conscientious, people handle affairs easily, and masses equal relationship harmony, this is the change of pingyao county BuYi township.
Pingyao county BuYi township actively explore "six fundamental" to the countryside after the operation of the system, using power flow diagram, responsibility list page, service, the relationship between the masses supervision manual defiled card, solve the rural cadres, not to, for the problem, solves the problems of people work hard, hard work, enhance the level of the rural governance with legal institutionalization.The practice shows that both "QuanLiGuan into the system of the cage", and let the power used to serve the people better, this is what the people really need.
(reporter MiaoWuJun Bai Xuhong correspondent Zhao Gujiang)