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Huang Yaochun in-depth pingyao county to attend the symposium of soliciting opinions concerning "three solid steady tightening"

Date: 2015-12-29

On December 17, jinzhong municipal committee, publicity minister Huang Yaochun pingyao county, to attend the "three steady tightening real" thematic education for advice symposium, the key to the standing committee of the municipal party committee and municipal party committee "steady tightening three solid" problems, around the city in the economic and social development, style of cadres, the focus of the people's livelihood and social management problems, listened to pingyao county cadres and grassroots represent the opinions of the suggestion.
Symposium on how to do a good job in "three steady tightening real" special education, from the grass-roots party organization construction, poverty alleviation, tourism, culture and so on different angles, talking about knowledge experience, points out the existing problems and puts forward the relevant opinions and Suggestions.
After listen to opinions and Suggestions, Huang Yaochun stressed that "three solid steady tightening" as a ruler, a standard, should be "lax untrue 'eyes on the problem and the specific performance, to every detail, every project, implement everything;Style construction always on the road, the leading cadre to study practice "three solid steady tightening" spirit earnestly, the cadre's style of work to change again, make the masses, the masses relationship to ascend, make quicker and better economic and social development;We will strictly in accordance with the standards of "three steady tightening real" a democratic life, adhere to the open the door to special education, to further a line, the grass-roots level, improve the quality of democratic life.(Zhao Gujiang)