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Pingyao county looking for reserve "cultural memory" continuation of civilization heritage village

Date: 2015-12-29

Created in shanxi (weibo) integrated editor on July 6, the reporter learns from pingyao county, in the next three to five years, the distribution of pingyao, 273 villages will seek, retention, and because of cultural memory, and became the county cultural workers focus on the object.
"This year the pingyao veteran artists series, kicked off the project for the protection of pingyao county rural cultural memories. In the next few years, pingyao villages will highlight the characteristic, the ancient civilization heritage."Wen Guangxin pingyao county bureau of 闫振贵 told reporters, "rural cultural memory, covering rural culture, history, local people, traditional customs, relics hexiang, anecdotes, legends, traditional craft and video memory and so on many contents, pingyao county cultural workers will go through data collection, village door, with written records, video recording, individual and collective material collection, provide the old memory protected continued."
The reporter understands, pingyao is a core national cultural ecological reserve area, one of the few Chinese intangible cultural heritage protection law ten class complete project area, a large number of rural cultural records, places, objects, activities, art and folk custom, etc.In Shanxi Province this year the government work report, in the province to carry out the rural cultural memory engineering as one of the government's work.(Zhang Kaipeng)