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Pingyao county, held a large theme activities to commemorate the 96th anniversary of the may fourth movement

Date: 2015-12-29

China shanxi (weibo) on May 4, pingyao county, held a "youth in order to pingyao dream" to commemorate the 96th anniversary of the may fourth movement of large theme activities.Members, our waiting group county party committee, the town youth corps committee secretary, secretary of the communist system of seven, the county school youth corps committee secretary, and representative of the new members of the youth volunteers to participate in volunteer service activities.
Activity in the solemn national anthem of loud, event, pingyao county youth corps committee secretary representative members read the new representative list, the county school youth corps committee secretary for the new league members wore league badge, members, old and new members took his oath to the county-wide TuanGan revisit the oath.Activities for college students village official youth volunteer service flag, 25 youth volunteer service team took to the streets, the scene for the masses to provide policy to preach, ancient city protection, health, science and technology training, legal aid, communications security, love green protect green, the traffic lights of civilization, the sanitation experience more services, such as part of the youth volunteer service also came to pingyao ancient city wall obligations for tourists on the history and culture of the ancient city of pingyao.Activities also started caring donation and unpaid blood donation activities, the masses and youth volunteers to actively participate in and out of the hand of friendship, given their own a love.
Activity requires each member to realize the responsibilities, try their bests to fulfill the obligations of members, with the practical action to show oneself without regrets "the communist youth league" the glorious title.Hope volunteers hold the spirit of "dedication" through "mutual" action, passing the warmth of "love", to promote social civilization "progress", the warm into the hands of the people who need help the most, people lit the flame of love in the heart, to let more people to participate in volunteer service.
This activity aims to guide the county youth were devoted to the realization of pingyao dream, create gold period of practice, carry forward the spirit of the May 4th, joined the league to revisit oath, carry forward and inheriting of volunteerism, merit, entrepreneurship and innovation in the great journey of cultivate one's morality, self-restraint and dedication, show the youth elegant demeanour, youth contribution strength.(pingyao county, the county party committee county government information center)